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Nike ?,In addition to these, quarter Feng more value, is a super agent to have a variety of skills. Ji Feng believe that if they learn these complex knowledge, but also the knowledge of the interstellar era, when the bustling city, may have to let their gallop! Especially on weapons and a variety of equipment, technology, want to come, always better than the Earth's technology to be a little bit so advanced, right? If these technologies to sell...... it would be a huge amount of income? Thought of this, Ji Feng suddenly high spirits up, looked at the time, even unconsciously to six twenty, he quickly got up and dressed.
Nike???,If it is in the past, Ji Feng may not care, because he has been very hard to learn, but the results can not improve up, although he worried, but also a clear conscience. Just do not find parents, he does not matter. But now it is different, since they know that they have never forgotten the ability, and if they continue to waste time, he will not forgive himself. Ji Feng will not forget, in the hospital mother obedient nurses that beg, in order to ease their slow, always strong and proud mother, at others beg.
Nike Air Max,Because God, Ji Feng hurry, even the button to tear the shirt. He blankly looked at his hand, endless distress, is not to wear clothes Well, so much strength doing? Quarter Feng suddenly react, watching his hand, muttering: how my strength...... like a sudden big lot? He waved two fist, suddenly boxing wind, as if containing great explosive power, whole body also like to make endless effort in general. Is this change is the wisdom of brain?
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???????????????????????reebok furylite,????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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